Ashwin Sasongko Sastrosubroto
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
Peneliti Puslit Informatika – LIPI
Bidang Keahlian:

Tata kelola TIK

Biodata Singkat:
  • Peneliti pada Puslit Informatika, LIPI;
  • Ketua Research Center for ICT Public and Business Policy, Telkom University
  • Dosen di Universitas Langlangbuana, Bandung
  • Anggota Dewan TIK Nasional
  • S1, Elektroteknik ITB
  • MSc, PhD, Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Eng. Aston University, UK
Business Tags:
Bambang Prastowo
Biodata Singkat:
  • More than 20 years experiences in multimedia & telecommunication industry , VAS , and IT
  • Specialties: Business Development, Sales Marketing, Business Planning & Strategic, Business Merger &
    Acquisition, Project Manager, Government Relation , Corporate Affairs, T telecommunication Regulation, Licensing
  • Present as Director at the telecommunication companies ( Fiber Optic Operator ,& Internet Provider)
  • Director & Managing Consultant at the consulting company , also as an independent business advisor at several companies.
Dewie Pelitawati
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
Advisor to CEO XL – Axiata, Independent Commissioner PT BTPN Syariah
Bidang Keahlian:


Biodata Singkat:
  • Obtained her Bachelor’s degree in law in 1984 and her Master’s degree in law in 2005 from the University of Padjadjaran, Bandung, Indonesia.
  • Past Assignments: 
    • Nov 2013 – 2017: Sr. GM Corporate Legal, Compliance & Governance PT XL-Axiata
    • 2010  –  2013     :  Partner, Bahar and Partners Attorneys At Law
    • 2009 –  2010     :  Chief Legal and Compliance, PT Indosat
    • 2002  –  2003    :  Commissioner of  PT Satelindo
    • 2002  –  2003    :  Commissioner of  PT Indosat Mega Media Mobile (IM3)
    • 2002  –  2008    :  SVP Legal/ General Counsel, PT Indosat.
    • 2001  –  2002    :  Secretary to The Junior Minister for National Economic Restructuring-RI
    • 1999  –  2000    : SVP/ Head of Chairman Office Indonesia Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA)
    • 1985  –  1999     :  Legal Manager, PT Indosat.
  • Achievements 
    • Dewie has received various awards and recognition from companies as well as other institutions, such as:
    • Named as one of the leading lawyers in IT, Media and Telecommunications – Asialaw Profile 2012 edition;
    • Named as one of the leading individuals in telecommunications – Chambers Asia – 2012;
    • Named as the leading expert for IT advice in Indonesia – Corporate INTL Magazine – 2012 edition;
    • Named as a Communication law expert in Indonesia – The Global Law Experts – 2012;
    • Received the Presidential Award Satyalancana Wira Karya in 2009;
  • Dewie contributed to the book “Telecommunication in Asia 2006”, published by Preston Gates and Ellis, one of the leading law firms in the USA and the Indonesian Chapter in the book “The Technology, Media and Telecommunication Review,” Indonesian Chapter, 1st and 2nd Edition,  published by Law Business Research Ltd.
  • Professional Development 

Dewie was with PT Indosat Tbk from 1985 to 2010.  Her last position was as Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, covering the areas of Legal, Regulatory, Risk Management and Corporate Secretary in 2009.  During this period, Dewie the Commissioner of Satelindo, international, satellite and cellular mobile telecommunications operator;  and IM3, cellular mobile telecommunications operator (2002-2003); and SVP for Legal Affairs covering the areas of corporate affairs, network and litigation and the legal aspects of marketing and sales of telecommunications products.

Dewie is highly experienced in handling complex and high profile transactions in the telecommunications area. She has been involved in various domestic and international conferences and working groups related to the area of telecommunications. Some notable experiences include being the advisor to the Indonesian Members of the High Level Committee of the International Telecommunications Union (HLC-ITU) for restructurization and for the Indonesian Members of the Advisory Board of CTD-ITU, a member of various teams and working groups in developing telecommunications laws in Indonesia as well as a member of a variety research team in the office of Legal National Research (BPHN) of the Department of Justice.  Dewie also has expertise in handling transactions in the corporate and business sectors, as well as mergers and acquisitions related to dual listings, issuance of USD bonds (indenture), equity and bond tender offers, debt restructuring, and loans and assets disposal. She has also maintained good relationships with the government and telecommunications lawmakers as well as having significant experience related to international telecommunications law.

Apart from telecommunications law,  Dewie, during her time with Bahar and Partners, was also  Partner in charge of  Transportation practice group which include Aviation, Railways and Maritime. Dewie involved in right issues transaction of shipping public company owned by a big maritime group in Singapore and Malaysia; advised international organization in aviation on general corporate matters, advised a state owned company in railways operation on coal, hampers, palm oil transportations,  assets utilization and locomotives/train maintenance.

Dewie has actively attended various international training programs, seminars, and short courses on telecommunications, Islamic and ethical finance, as well as management and professional skills such as: (i) Problem Solving and Decision Making, Board of Directors’ Authorities and Liabilities, Stanford University, USA, (ii) Leadership, Strategy and Execution by Prof. Ram Charan, (iii) BOC and Directorship Program, Corporate Leadership Development Institute – Jakarta.  Dewie was entrusted with speaking at various seminar including the In-House Congress in 2009, held by an international legal conference and publishing house, Pacific Business Press.

  • Professional Activities
    • Independent Commissioner of BTPN Syariah since June 2014.
    • Senior member of the Indonesian Telecommunications Society (Mastel).
    • One of the founders and Deputy Chair for Communication and Information of Masyarakat Hukum Udara or Indonesian Air Law Society (IALS).
    • Member of Padjadjaran Law Society
    • Member of Peradi Indonesia
Business Tags:
Djarot Subiantoro
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
Ketua Umum Aspiluki, Dirut Indonet
Bidang Keahlian:

IT Services business

Biodata Singkat:

Experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Business Process, Negotiation, Budgeting, Business Planning, and Operations Management. Strong professional with a Ir focused in Teknologi Hasil Pertanian from Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB).

Business Tags:
Dr Rudi Rusdiah MA
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
Chairman ABDI / CEO Micronics
Bidang Keahlian:

IT, Data Analytics, AI, Block Chain

Biodata Singkat:
  • Chairman ABDI (Asosiasi Big Data & AI); Anggota DPA Mastel ;
  • CEO PT Micronics Internusa /
  • Chief Editor News Portal & Majalah Komite.ID
  • Lecturer/Dosen Mkom, Universitas Budi Luhur: ICT Strategy & Policy; Data Security
  • S1 / BE Electrical Engineering Carleton University (1979), Ottawa, Canada ,
  • S2 / MA International Relations, Univ. GajahMada (2009),
  • S3 / Doctor Economic (Sustainable Development), Univ Trisakti, Alumni PPRA XLII/2008 of Lemhannas (National Resilience Institute)
Business Tags:
Dr. Ir. Agus Mulyanto, M.Sc.
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
BOC MNC Group/ Senior Adviser APMI
Bidang Keahlian:

Multimedia Media Broadcasting

Biodata Singkat:
  • Senior Adviser/ Ex Chairman APMI (Asosiasi Penyelenggara Multimedia Indonesia)Anggota DPA Mastel
  • Executive & BOC MNC Group (2003-present)
  • Co Founder of MNC Business & Education College (2018)
  • Senior Lecturer & Graduate Thesis Adviser ITS, Ubaya, UPH, BINUS. (1973-present)
  • S1 / Electrical Engineering Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya (ITS) (1972)
  • S2 / MSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA (1978)
  • S3 / Ph.D in Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Nadison, USA (1982)
  • S2 / Post Graduate Study in Electrical Engineering Department, ITB Bandung (1976)
Business Tags:
Edi Witjara
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
SVP Group Financial Planning Analysis & Control PT TELKOM dan Komisaris PT Multimedia Nusantara (METRA)
Bidang Keahlian:
  • Telecommunication
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Planning, Reporting & Analysis
  • Business planning, Strategy, Development & Control
  • Consolidation & IFRS
  • Network & Telco Infrastructures
  • Network strategic Development & Operation
  • M&A
  • Digital Business Valuation
Biodata Singkat:
  • Professional pada Bidang Telekomunikasi khususnya Financial Planning, sebagai Pembicara pada forum-forum bisnis Digital Telco dan Pengajar Tidak tetap
  • Alumni S3 Strategi Management Bisnis UNPAD lulus Cum Laude
  • Masuk PT TELKOM Tahun 1996 sebagai Peneliti Di R&D lebih dari 11 Tahun yang membidangi assessment technology
  • ICT, sebagai Senior Network Operations, AVP Investment Analysis, VP Management Accounting & SVP Group Financial
Even Alex Chandra
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
Kabid SDM, Perlindungan Konsumen
Bidang Keahlian:

Hukum dan e-commerce

Biodata Singkat:
  • Head of Public Policy & Government Relations, May 2018-present.
  • Legal and Public Policy Manager in Naspers Limited, Brussels, Belgium, May 2017-July 2017.
  • Head of Education, Human Resources & Customer Protection Division in Indonesia E-commerce Association (idEA), 2016-present.
  • Legal & Public Policy Manager in OLX Indonesia, 2013-April 2018
  • Magister ilmu hukum Universitas Jayabaya
Business Tags:
Fajar Aji Suryawan
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
Group Head Regulatory & Government Relations, PT. Indosat, Tbk
Bidang Keahlian:

Telekomunikasi, IT

Biodata Singkat:
  • Spectrum management (satellite, cellular)
  • Interconnect/wholesale
  • E-money/fintech
  • Regulatory compliance & government relations
Biodata Singkat:
Ir. Sunarya Ruslan
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
Ketua Umum HATPI
Bidang Keahlian:

Teknologi Penyiaran Radio dan Televisi, Regulasi Frekuensi Penyiaran

Biodata Singkat:


  • Pendiri dan Wakil Ketua Himpunan Ahli Teknologi Penyiaran Indonesia (HATPI) sejak 1994
  • Ketua Umum ( HATPI ) Sejak 2013
  • Anggota Technical Bureau, Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), 2009-2016
  • Chairman Radio Digital Forum, ABU
  • Vice Chairman, ABU Technical Meeting, di Bali, 2008 dan 2016
  • RRI Technical Liaison Officer untuk ABU, 2005 s/d 2016
  • Anggota Masyarakat Telematika (Mastel)

Pengalaman Jabatan / Penugasan.

  • Staf Subdit. Sarana Teknik, Direktorat TVRI, TMT : 01 – 10 1980
  • Staf Subdit Bina Teknik, Direktorat TVRI, 1983
  • Pjs. Ka.Sub Bid. Tek. Transmisi Pusbinsartek Ditjen RTF, TMT : 01 – 10 – 1985
  • Pj. Ka. Sub Bid. Tek Transmisi Pusbinsartek Ditjen RTF, TMT : 01 – 02 – 1987
  • Kepala Bidang Pengembangan Teknologi, Pusbinsartek RTF, TMT : 01 – 02 – 1994
  • Kepala Bidang tehnik Transmissi, Direktorat tehnik, Perjan RRI, TMT Mei 2001
  • Kepala RRL Cabang Pratama Malang, 27 September 2004 – November 2005
  • Direktur Sumberdaya Teknologi LPP RRI, Sept. 2005 – Mei 2008.
  • Kepala Pusat Penelitian,Pengembangan, Pendidikan dan Latihan LPP RRI, Mei 2008 s/d 2010.
Business Tags:
Johny Siswadi
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
Advokat di Firma Hukum PIHI, Bandung
Bidang Keahlian:

Hukum Umum dan Hukum Telematika

Biodata Singkat:
  • Pendidikan Terakhir : S-2 Hukum Bisnis, UNPAR, Bandung (2000)
  • Alumni Fortbildung von Fach- und Führungkräften aus Entwicklungländern (FFFE) dari Deutsche Telekom (1992)
  • Pengalaman/Karier :
    • Senior Advokat di Firma Hukum PIHI, Bandung 2016 – sekarang
    • Co-Chairman Mastel Institute 2016-2018
    • Senior Advokat di Kantor Hukum Toyo & Partners, Bandung, 2013-2015
    • Senior Konsultan Bidang Korporasi, Telkom, 2012-2013
    • VP Corporate Secretary, Telkomsel, Jakarta, 2010-2012
    • VP Legal and Compliance, Telkomsel, 2008-2010
Neil R. Tobing
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
Direktur Independen VIVA
Bidang Keahlian:

Media Penyiaran dan Teknologi Informasi

Biodata Singkat:
  • Direktur Independen VIVA sejak April 2015
  • Sekretaris Jenderal Asosiasi Televisi Swasta Indonesia (ATVSI)
  • Sekretaris Jenderal Dewan Periklanan Indonesia (DPI)
  • Wakil Ketua Komisi Tetap Penyiaran Kamar Dagang dan Industri Indonesia (KADIN)
  • S1 / Hukum Univesitas Katolik Parahyangan
  • S2 / Master of Law (LLM) spesialisasi di bidang Media and Information Technology Laws dan, International Business dari University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Business Tags:
Nies Purwati
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
Government Affair
Bidang Keahlian:

Public Policy, Regulatory & Business Competition

Biodata Singkat:
  • More than 14 years of experience in Telecommunication Policy & Regulation issues. Has worked closely with Government of different Ministries in relation with ICT, Industry and IPR issues.
  • Specialties: Public policy, Telecommunication Policy & Regulation analysis; competition regulation in telecommunication industry. Understand about Financial & Marketing aspect of the business.
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
Direktur Eksekutif ATSI
Bidang Keahlian:

Regulasi ICT

Biodata Singkat:
  • Direktur Eksekutif Asosiasi Penyelenggara Telekomunikasi Seluruh Indonesia (ATSI).
  • S1 – Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia.
  • Kursus Singkat Angkatan (KSA) / PPSA Lemhanas 2014.
  • Mantan Direktur Utama PT Mitra Global Telekomunikasi Indonesia (KSO IV _ Jawa Tengah) 1999 – 2004.
  • Mantan Direktur Corp.Svc PT Indosat (2004 – 2006).
Taufik Hasan
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
Komisioner BRTI
Bidang Keahlian:

Infrastruktur Telekomunikasi, Regulasi & Bisnis

Biodata Singkat:
  • Pengalaman Profesi:
    • Telkom: SGM R&D Center, Ketua STT TELKOM
    • Direktur Operasi PT Gratika
    • Sekjen Asosiasi Open Sources Indonesia (AOSI)
    • MASTEL: DPH, DPA, Anggota
    • Direktur PT Data Management System Asia (Damasa)
    • Direktur LSP Telekomunikasi
    • Komisioner BRTI
  • Pendidikan:
    • S1: Teknik Elektro ITB
    • S2: Universite de Brest, Prancis
    • S3: Universite de Brest, Prancis
Business Tags:
Tommy Gustavi Utomo
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
Direktur PT. Solusi Tunas Pratama, Tbk.
Bidang Keahlian:

Infrastruktur Telekomunikasi & Data Bisnis

Biodata Singkat:
  • Direktur, PT. Solusi Tunas Pratama, Tbk., sejak Mei 2012.
  • Wakil Bendahara Umum, ASPIMTEL – Asosiasi Pengembang Infastruktur Menara Telekomunikasi, sejak 2017.
  • S1 / Akuntansi, FE Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta.
  • S2 / Magister Sains – Bisnis Internasional, FISIP Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta.
Business Tags:
Widi Amanasto
Posisi Terakhir/Saat Ini:
Wakil Direktiur Utama PT. CSM, Controller PMO PT. Telkom
Bidang Keahlian:

TIK, Management Strategic, Kebijakan Publik

Biodata Singkat:
    • Executive Account Relation PT. Telekomunikai Indonesia (2012)
    • Vice President Director PT. Batam Bintan Telekomunikasi (2013)
    • Vice President Director PT. CSM (2015 – present)
    • Controller Project Management Office PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia (2018 – present)
    • Lecturer in Strategic Management, Public Policy at Trisakti University (2016 – present)
    • S1 / Industrial Engineering Trisakti University (1984)
    • S2 / MSc in Data Communication Engineering University of Lincolnshire & Humberside UK (1997)
    • S3 / Doctoral Study in Economic & Business, concentration in Public Policy Trisakti University (2015